I visited my sick Girlfriend and caught her sleeping with another man – Man Recounts the shock of his life

A man has had the shock of his life after he placed classes on hold just to take a quick trip and see his darling.

According to reports, the man shared his horrible experience with his lover on social as many joined to share in his grieve.

The man who was dating one of his course mates received a notice from the girlfriend that she feels unwell hence her decision not to attend lectures.

Right after receiving the message, the guy identified as Baiden decided not to participate in a scheduled quiz nor attend lectures in order to rush to the girls house to pay her a visit.

Upon getting to the house, he had the shock of his life as he caught the girlfriend having fun with another man.

hervisit his sick girlfriend but quickly regret his action after it ended in tears for him.

He explained how he heard some noise indicating there is some action ongoing in his girlfriend’s room after which he decided to wait at the door as he was unable to open it.

After 30 minutes of waiting, his girlfriend came out joyfully holding hands with another man and upon questioning what it means, she insisted she has never met him in her entire life.

Shocked by the incident, the boy left with his tails between his legs.

He really deserves it, how can you love a woman more than yourself.

Like really how can you sacrifice your education for her woman.

He should thank his stars that he has learnt the realities of life early.

Fear women and save yourself.

Your parents are paying fees and this is how you intend to pay them back.

Next time you will learn sense .