I saw Jesus and he told me he is coming very soon – Nigerian Lady Tells shocking story

My name is Njideka, from Mbano in Imo State, 19th March, 2021 as at 1:45am I had a revelation. I thought of keeping it to myself but I was disturbed to share it.

Before I proceed i want us to note something, Jesus is coming very soon is not a child’s play. Have you find time to ask yourself this question “HOW PREPARED ARE YOU?” in case you hear the sound of the trumpet anytime soon, will you cry or shout ALL GLROY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST.

I came to find out that an Angel is assigned to every one of us to take our daily record. Secondly, some persons have sufficient grace but have not discovered it while some are busy wasting theirs. I saw a woman wasting her oil. Last night God reveled himself to me.

It all started this way: I was in a bus going home, suddenly I saw a thunder strike as usual because it was about to rain, as the bus was moving surprisingly, I started noticing condensation in the cloud then I heard a voice saying “HEAVEN IS WEEPING” I asked those in the bus with me, how can heaven weep cause is strange to believe it.

The next thing I saw was people rushing out from their houses, shouting on the street, I thought an ancient happened in front of us. What shocked me was everybody where kneeling down, I told the driver to park so we can find our way cause I don’t know what is happening in front of us.

Immediately I got there, I heard a voice again “SEE JESUS CHRIST”. I looked up and I saw Jesus inside the planet, I knelt down and what came out of my mouth was “LORD HAVE MERCY, FATHER LORD HAVE MERCY” to be sincere, I was not ready while some were shouting and crying, some were even confessing their sins. Out of all the people there it is only one voice that shouted “ALL GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST”.

As the planet was rotating it was showing previous years until it got to 2021 it started counting on months, when it got to the month of March, a small stone came out from the planet and hit my neck, I fell down, I was automatically disconnected from others but I can still hear voices from the background.

An Angel walked to me and the Angel in charge of me gave him by books it was five (5) in number. The angel only counted 4 and refused to count the fifth (5th) one, when I asked him why, he said I’m not a Lunatic.

Some that knows me too well will not take this message serious cause they are not expecting it to come from someone like me.

Please my love ones if you are opportune to read or hear this message don’t take it for granted, amend your ways now tomorrow might be too late.

God loves you and I, he want us to be with him on the last day. Share to safe souls.