I Prefers Dating Sugar Daddies To Young Boys – Endowed Young Lady

A Young lady in an interview disclosed the reason why she prefers dating Sugar daddies to young boys.

During the interview, the interviewer was surprised to hear this, so he pressed her hard to find out the reason why she prefers older men to young boys.

She says that she is 25 years old and the few old men she has dated did not give her any stress at all.

In fact, she says they are very magnanimous as they voluntarily give her money without giving any excuses, That is the reason why she prefers having Sugar daddies as boyfriends rather than young boys.

Well, it may sound strange to many people but she does have a point. Many women who have dated older men always testify to this fact that ‘Older men are magnanimous’. The lady says that the youngest guy she has ever dated was around 30 years old.

After the interviewed surfaced the internet, many people were so interested to know more about this lady- her name, her country and other facts about her. Here are some of the facts that are known about this lady. Her name is Hajia Fauzy and she is a Ghanaian plus-size model. She is not really famous but she is making a ‘name’ for herself.

She has thousands of instagram followers and all what she does is to post her pictures online. She likes to refer to herself as a ‘Photo-model’ because she amassed most of her followers on instagram because of her pictures.