I Pay The Children School Fees and Cater For All Our Needs But My Husband Doesn’t Appreciate — Married Woman Cries Out

A married woman who’s name was (withheld) has taken to social media to disclose how she has been catering for their family’s need, yet her husband doesn’t appreciate her.

According to her, she is 30years old, she met her husband during her NYSC service year in 2014, and they got married after NYSC in 2015, during their relationship, she was the one taken care of all bills because he was not doing anything, She said he was a graduate and she hoped that he would get a job soon.

She added, that their marriage is blessed with two children, but she still takes care of the family needs because her husband is still jobless. She said she pays the children school fees and other bills and she’s not moved because that’s how she was trained. However, she said her problem is that her husband complains. She said her husband complains and nags at any mistake. She said he doesn’t appreciate everything she has been doing for the past 6 years. She went on to seek the advice of the public, saying that she doesn’t know what to do