I faked Disappearance for years only to end up Disappearing for real – Lady

A Nigerian Lady whose name was (withheld) has this story to share.

I am 19 but the second child from a family of 3. I come for a turbulent family, my dad just hated me for no reason, he would beat me as if I was a goat or animal. I hated him so much but didn’t know why he was doing all this to me.

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He would Inflict Injuries on my body with belt, stick, pounding sticks etc. and yet my mum will not say anything or highest she will say is Daddy do you want to kill our daughter.

One day I was sick and not feeling well yet he wanted to still beat me with his belt, I had to hold the belt and run out of the house. I ran and never came back home, I had stolen his money and so I had up to 10k on me. I used the money to take a bus to my home town in southwest Nigeria to go stay with a long time friend. I didn’t want to stay around Lagos. All this actually happened about 2 years ago.

When I moved, I changed my sim card and deleted my Facebook account then created a new one. I even changed my name though it didn’t reflect on my certificates.

I started a new life though tough. I had learnt tailoring so I joined some girls to work in a shop and was paid about 10k a month. Life was getting tougher and tougher and to make matters worse I even got pregnant for a guy who later left me and ran far away, shockingly I got pregnant again for another guy and he also ran away. Right now I have 3 children from 3 different men and no husband or father.

Life became unbearable and so I decided this year 2021 to come to Lagos to search for my parents. When I got to that compound, it had been destroyed and turned into a school. I asked and asked but no one knew where they moved to. I knew I was lost for real. I didn’t have their number anymore neither was there any family member house I knew.

I tried to locate our church then but the whole road has changed, I could not locate it again. However right now I am in the house of a female friend in Lagos and I think I have disappeared for real this time. I have checked Facebook and tried to contact my siblings but no one is replying. I hope they are still alive and fine. I feel terrible and confused right now.