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I Am not anti IPOB anymore, If I Have Hand In Ikonso’s Death, Let His Death Be Better Than My Own — Zonaboy

Hours After the death of IPOB commander Don Ikonso Many IPOB members seem to believe that Zonaboy, a well-known former anti-IPOB engineer and musician, was involved in Ikonso’s murder.

Many IPOB members believe Zonaboy betrayed Ikonso, and these men claim Zonaboy and his apologists conspired to sell Ikonso to the authorities.

Despite the fact that the accusation seems to be gaining traction, the young man has cried out for support.

Zonaboy has called out for help in a video that has gone viral on social media.

The young man took to Facebook to say that he had nothing to do with Ikonso’s death. He revealed that Ikonso is like a child to him and that he could never sell out his own brother.

Zonaboy also explained that he is not anti- IPOB anymore.

He revealed that it was Ikonso that made him fall in love with IPOB after revealing their ideas to him.


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