I Am a Muslim, I Want to Follow Jesus Would He Accept me? – Muslim Lady Asks

A young Lady has taken to social media to reveal her intentions towards Christianity, and her desire to abandon Islam and Follow JESUS CHRIST.

As indicated by a source, the Young Lady whose name was not disclosed for security reasons, took to write on a placard “I am a Muslim I want to Follow JESUS, Would he Accept me? Judging from the look of her question, she really don’t know if JESUS would accept her irrespective of her religion. due she decided to ask the public if CHRIST will accept her.

“I am very confused and this question has been ringing in my heart over the years, so I decided to ask the General public with the writing on the Placard. Please be Honest to me, will JESUS ever accept me?, The Lady said.

According to the report provided by the source, it is a clear indication that this unidentified Lady has been confused, where’s she should convert to Christianity or still be a Muslim. Adding that it is now left for the Christian faith and Brothers, to guide her through if JESUS CHRIST would accept her as her own, or forsake her for being in another Religion.