House Vanishing People (HOUSE OF DEATH) Discovered in Imo State

A house called the “HOUSE OF DEATH”, belonging to millions of gods in Amaigbo Umu–Anu in Imo State, which has not been known by most people.

The man who built the house you see on the picture was unknown to the villagers till date. No one live in the house, but at night there will be light in the house without NEPA or EDDC electric cables attached to the house , or even a sound of generator from the house.

The most fearful thing about the house is that it has no entrance, no gate. I mean just a fence built around the building with no entrance into the building.

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In 2012, a young boy called Ebuka Ikechuku was inquisitive to know what is inside the house, immediately he jumped in from the fence and entered the ‘house of death’, but did not make it out tilldate.

Even clothes been hanged within the house changes colour also.

In 2005, it was also believed a woman who was pregnant was standing near the window in the building crying with blood on her face, when she closed back the window, till date no body know how she vanished.

In 2018, some children were playing football and mistakenly shoot the ball into the building, but the ball was thrown back to them. The boy who shoot the ball into the building died that night because the gods of the house demanded for the little boy by knocking at their door.

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The location of the “house of death'” is at Amaigbo Umu–Anu near school of health in Imo State. GO FOR A RESEARCH