#ValentinesDay: S£X is not love, animals have S£X too —Reno Omokri blast young people who claim S£X means love
Reno Omokri has called on all those who claims that S£X is love,

According to him, sex was initiated for couple in order to produce offsprings.

Same way animals also have sex to produce another generation in order to avoid extinct.

However, sex doesn’t mean love, its a tool the devil is using to attract the youth to indulge in immoral activities.

He also continued that, love for someone means have an unselfish desire for another person for his or her good rather than oneself.

But anybody who interpret sex as love needsa different thought of mind and life.

In a tweet, he said

#ValentinesDay is another opportunity for satan to deceive you that sex is love. Sex is not love. Animals have sex too. Love is the unselfish desire for the good of someone other than yourself. Today, celebrate love, not sex