Confused Woman Set to Divorce Her Husband Because He Has No ‘Side Chic’, And Does Not Cheat On Her

A woman whose name was (withheld) has ridiculously told a life coach who plies his service online saying she would soon sever ties with her husband because he has never cheated on her.

Yeah- you read that right! The anonymous woman said her has husband has no side chic or has ever heard rumours that he’s bedding other women and as far as he’s concerned that doesn’t make him a real man.

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Her post as addressed to the counsellor reads; “I am a lady aged 29 and I have been married for 5 years with a son. my problem is that Since my husband got married to me, he has never cheated on me and I feel like he is not a real man.

I am not saying that he should cheat on me, but even a rumor that he has a girlfriend somewhere would have been better. Why is he not like other men? Please advise me because I am planning to leave him.”

See screenshot below;