Church of Satan Replies Man Who Promise To Build An Altar For Them If They Give Him Wealth

A young guy identified as Emmanuel has taken to the official page of the Church of Satan, to appeal for them to give him fortune and money, and stating that he will build an altar in return and he will worship with them there.

However, The church was founded in California, United States, then relocated to New York City a few years after Szandor Lavey’s death in 1989, New York City has now become the headquarters of the Church of Satan, as we are currently speaking.

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Emmanuel also informed the Church of Satan that he is a young guy with a promising future, and that all he asks in return is wealth and money, after which he will continue to serve them as his lord.

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The church of Satan responded to the man’s comment with a resounding NO in bold letters. This indicates that the church of Satan did not accept Emmanuel’s pleas.

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