Before I thought Nnamdi Kanu was ‘Mad’, but now our eyes are beginning to open — Yoruba Woman, Yemoja

A Yoruba woman identified on Twitter as Yemoja has stated that Nnamdi Kanu foresaw everything happening in the country today.

In a tweet thread, the Yoruba woman revealed that at first many people in Nigeria took the IPOB leader for granted including herself. Yemoja added that she thought Mr Kanu was “crazy” but now it is clear that what he has been saying is the truth.

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The Twitter user also vividly said that everyone’s eye is beginning to open in a “hard way”.

@molarasho wrote, “Nnamdi Kanu foresaw everything happening presently in this country. Many thought he was crazy including myself. Our eyes are beginning to open the hard way, I hope things won’t be to late we fully realize that this country is doomed.”