As you pray to God for a good wife, pray she has good friends and family – Erigga Urges men

Nigerian rapper turned relationship expert, Erigga has sparked a conversation on social media over his recent tweet bordering on finding the right life partners.

Erigga advised men who are praying earnestly to God for a good wife to also endeavor to pray for the woman to have good friends and family.

According to Erigga, the woman’s friends and family members are the board of directors in her life, thus they influence her actions in a relationship or marriage.

His tweet has triggered mixed responses from some Nigerians on Instagram and below are a few of them.

If she is a good wife there is no way she will come from a bad family cause she was properly raised n she will definitely keep good company cause she is a good person. Everyone with relationships and marriage motivational quotes. You people will never talk how to raise money or grow the one you already have. Next please!!!

As you pray for Good husband also pray he has good friends too coz they’re board of directors ,managers and influencers

As you pray to God for a good man, also pray he has good friends not the ones that will e calling you our wife our wife and be eating free food

You haven’t met a woman that can’t be manipulated , no matter your advise she will stand on her ground , pray for that kain woman cus no friend can influence her