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Army Kills IPOB zonal Welfare Officer, ‘Uchechi Eyioma’

An Innocent IPOB zonal Welfare Officer, Zone 2 Sunlight Estate, Obigbo, Uchechi Eyioma, has been reportedly killed by a joint team of security, operatives including the Nigerian Army, Air Force, and the Police.

According to a source, she was killed on 13 May in her sleep at home, also she is a single mother of two.

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The source added that she was killed without any provocation or committing any crimes.

Some Reactions:

Yochannan Ben Israel: This is heart breaking. Wike! Even a woman, the terrorists has no limit to their evil. May her gentle precious soul rest in peace.

Emmanuel Okoroafor Okoro: Rip our beloved sister may your soul continue to rest in peace 😒 wherever your soul continue to rest in our hearts your death will never be in vain biafra must come in this our generation by peace or by force πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«.

Princep sundayp: Chai my heart is broken πŸ’”am 😒😭so bitterly rest in peace my lovely sister we must revenge.

Solomon Emeka: Rip my beloved sister go well we shall never forget you but your death make weep a lot we the Biafran will avenge

Kevin Dikeocha: My heart is broken for our late Sister who was said to be murdered in her sleep by Nigerian Security operatives alongside other Biafrans in Rivers State , their crime being that they are Biafrans. Million of Biafrans who have fallen in this struggle since 1967 till date , should not be in vain . That is why Biafra Nation ought be restored for their memorials as a mark of appreciations for all their contributions .

chidi chidiebere: Please organize your selves and fight back. MNK and IPOB has raised the dragon flag and the time has come to fight back. Don’t wait for Nnamdi kanu.

Ezenwa Lekwauwa: Brother’s and sister’s is quite time to start playing those governors in south back one after the other


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