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Am a Doctor, I Earn ₦500K Monthly, Please Marry me and Collect Half of My Salary – Lady Begs

My name is Dr Esther and am 38 years old, I have gotten a lot of recognition by some Medical firm because of my level, and educational achievement, but I have a big problem.

Am already 38 years this year, but am still a spinster, I still have not find a man who will love and Marry me as his wife,. Upon my level of achievement, I still feel incomplete.

Money is not my problem because I earn about N500k I have few bills to settle every month, so virtually I have nothing to do with money, money in actual sense is not my problem, My problem is that I don’t have any man who I can call mine.

No husband that I will spend the rest of my life with, Am almost getting to the stage where I won’t be able to conceive and bear a Child, and yet am still single.

Although I have had series of relationship in the past, I have dated Men who is older than me and boys who I am older than, because I wanted to give love a chance in my life.

But it stands that all this men that came my way where after one thing, my money and not genuine love, And this is the problem I have in relationship, I love quickly and genuinely.

I seriously need a man who can feel in the gap of love in my life, I have decided to give love a chance again in my life.

And hopefully, the next person that will come into my life will come to stay, and not to come and eat and clean mouth.

And he can be rest assured that he is getting half of my riches and achievement, if only he can agree to marry me and make make me a happy woman. Money is not the problem, We will have enough to train our children.

Anyone who is interested can indicate in the comment box below, Identitfy yourself, stating why you think, you are the best man for her.


  1. Am very interested ,I’m 29 year but I believe that age dose not matter in a relationship ,what matters is the heart that love and care , if you are real and seriously want to settle down ….me too am ready to go with you.

  2. The story stand to be too real to believe.with a qualification, wealth and privileges God has bestowed her,marital settlement shouldn’t have been her problem.But there are reasons God may have allowed such conditions to come her way.if she will be willing to Mary me I will marry her.i am 45 years of age and have problem in marital settlement.i am a Nigerian from Yoruba origin.i think I will be the best for her because both of us share almost the same issue.i will be the best for her if she can totally submit to the authority of God in humbling herself in marriage.because many of her calibre once they got married they will become arrogant that the man they saw as a help from above to solve there problem initially will be turned to house maid or enemy and some will even substitute there love for the man to the children God has blessed them with in the marriage.if she can remain humble the way she came out to express herself in marriage.i promised to give her 100% love,care, affection and attention that will make her experience joy and rest in marriage.


  3. Am Nelson by name, graduate of Imo state university. I saw your post and am very much interested in you if you don’t mind. I feel very much sorry for you for your past experiences and i hope things go the right way as is supposed to. You can contacts me privately so as to talk better.
    07060475133 or WhatsApp me on 08121272600.


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