Always Keep Your Next Move To Yourself – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has doled out a piece of advice to his fans to zip their mouths on their next moves.

Taking to his Instagram page, he cited the example of Jesus and God as he said no one knows the day God would come except his father. He explained that regardless of the relationship between God and Jesus, he is still bent on keeping the day from His son, Jesus.

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He captioned his post as: NOBODY needs to know your next move. Absolutely NOBODY. Keep them guessing. Keep your move to yourself. Even Christ said ONLY His Father knows the day this world will end. Not even Him or angels know. Learn from God.

Keep your last card to yourself. Yes, there are wicked people.

But not everyone who works against you is wicked.

Some of them are good people that you tempt by revealing plans you should have kept to yourself. Then satan works on them until they fall for the temptation and use your information against you