After my mother’s Burial, My Dad is begging me to have sex with him, should I give him? – 18 year old girl Asks

A teenage Nigerian girl who’s name was (withheld) has taken to the social media to tell the public what she is going through.

According to the girl, She said few months after her mother’s funeral, her father started asking her sex.

She Wrote:

I’m secretly suffering in depression…

I lost my mum earlier this year, the funeral took place at 14th of last month.

On 2nd of this month been april my dad started making s€xual advances on me he will leave his room in the midnight and come to my room to tell me how much he loves me that he won’t allow anybody have me, that as his only daughter and child it will hurt him to see another man take me away, the death of my mum was a great loss to just to retain the love he had for my mum he had to keep Me around.

He ask me to conceal this and keep it as a secret…he pleaded on his bended kneels in tears…he promise to take good care of me and give me what ever I ask…sir this pressure is becoming to much😰….few days ago he came again and started touching my Bress and kissing me….I wasn’t comfortable with that I had to push him away….though I felt bad pushing him😭 and had to apologise…I know he’s my father despite his unmerited s€xual advances…it just only me and him in the house…I’m 18yrs now….I may not have much say…I’m just writing to you in tears and I want you to post it in Igbo rant HQ for advice…the pressure is too much.😭…his closeness have started giving me concern…I now feel urge of having s*x all night…I don’t feel like this before but I know his actions is pushing this feelings out….plz help me sir wisdom atasie to make a right decision…Igbo rant HQ is my last hope …I do enjoy stories here even though members do throw tantrums and i don’t mind receiving it in my own me sir😭