A church wedding is not a Christian wedding – Reno Omokri

A church wedding is not a Christian wedding. Some people say a church wedding is necessary because pastors are God’s representatives on Earth.

My question to such people is this: What are your parents? Devil’s representative? No blessing on Earth is greater than parental blessings.

There is no record of a church wedding in Scripture. However, there are over 20 records of family weddings at home in the Word of God. Sadly, Christians do not even know that the word ‘church’ does not exist in Scripture.

The word used is ἐκκλησίᾳ, Romanised as ekklēsia. While Europeans deliberately or mistakenly misinterpreted ekklēsia to mean church (a word that existed before Christianity, and was used to refer to places where Greek and Roman deities were worshipped. See Acts 19:37), the word ekklēsia actually means a gathering of believers.

When Christ said “where two or three gather in my name, I am there”-Matthew 18:20, He was referring to an ekklēsia. If your parents gather in the name of Christ to bless your wedding at their home, Christ is there!.