Nnamdi Kanu and his followers are the greatest Nigerian Idiots - Jackson Ude (photos)

Jackson Ude - Former aide to Jonathan has called Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB and His followers Idiot.

Jackson Ude alleged that Nnamdi Kanu is deceiving his followers by making them hate one Nigeria.

On Twitter, He shared a photo of Adamu Gaba, Adeniyi, and Nnamdi Kanu, He tagged it "By popular demand, meet the greatest Nigerian idiots!"

After posting the Photos, Most Nigerians Tackled him to exclude Nnamdi Kanu, that he opened many Peoples eyes, Many of his followers lambasted him for calling Nnamdi Kanu an Idiot when he is a Savior.

Ude, Reacting to the attack by His followers, he wrote: "If Nnamdi Kanu is your leader, please unfollow me now. I don’t want idiots as followers."

Nigerians Reacts:

Ikechukwu: This is a display of rascality and recklessness of the mouth. Mind you is because of the destitute nature of this present government that make people to be following you based on the information you brandish. Nnamdi nwanna gi nwoko has a stake in the struggle of a better Nigeria.

Hyacinth: The truth I want you to know today is that if demon comes to Nigeria today and give the youths good road, electricity, Good hospital, good life like USA everybody will follow him, look at palliative injustice to the poor Nigerians, they kept for months in warehouses. people are bad.

For more than 40yrs now, you have leaved in many parts of this country. did conductor in Lagos ,worked in villa as a news personal and now in US( beautiful country)has Nigeria ever improved since u left, every day is killing, looting, burning do you think people here ar happy

Patrick Ikenna: The reason why MNK is existing because of the nepotism and injustices in this contraption called Nigeria. If things are the way it's supposed to be, MNK will only exist as an individual and not as IPOB.

Crocodile: That's what I Always say. These old Politicians will use there Corrupt breed followers to distract the Youth. This Struggle continues after this curfew lifted. Don't fear the guns any more. Stand bold speak up! any where you see a Youth Harassed Stop Demand Justice. We Move.