Over 10,000 Angry youths overpower Police officers, cart away millions of COVID-19 palliatives in Jos (video)

Over 10,000 Angry youths in Jos, Plateau State capital, and Bukuru, another neighbouring local government, on Saturday morning overpowered Police officers and looted and carried away COVID-19 palliatives stored there with the State Government on denying that it was hoarding the palliatives.

The denial by the State Government came hours after the youths overpowered security operatives stationed at the warehouses and carted away the foodstuffs allegedly stored there as COVID-19 palliatives.

As early as 6 am, the hungry-looking residents of Jos and Bukuru metropolis started arriving at the vicinity of Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Warehouse along Bukuru Road and other warehouses owned by the state government.