How Peter Obi Ordered me to Kill Innocent Biafrans at Ezu River - Former Director of SARS, CSP James Nwafor

Former SARS Boss, James Nwafor Narrates how Former Governor Peter obi allegedly ordered him to kill the Innocent Biafrans who were arrested during their peaceful protest and dumped at Ezu River during his Tenure.

Following the END SARS protests, The Former Director of SARS, Awkuzu, Anambra state who is currently the special adviser to Governor Obiano who has been dragged by many Nigerians for wasting innocents Lives.
In what seems to be divine intervention from the worst inhumane treatment ever melted at the peaceful Biafrans agitators whose souls were yearning for justice, the former director of SARS Awkuzu, CSP James Nwafor has finally opened up on how the former governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi ordered for the killings of Innocent Biafrans agitators and deposited their corps into the Ezu River in Amasea.
It is said that no matter how long it took the truth revealed that once it surfaces, it clears all doubt and misconceptions. We must recall that it was barely seven (7) years when bodies of innocent Ndi Anambra youths were fund floating in Ezu River under the express and executive directive of the former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi "
What made CSP James Nwafor open up in telling the whole world the raw truth at this point wasn't based on his self-determination but forces emanating from the innocent souls that are still crying for justice."

He said: If I, James Nwafor, the man in charge of SARS as at the time of the incident can openly tell the world that the former governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi killed those innocent Biafrans in an attempt to please the pressure he was receiving from Ndi Hausa and Asoroko, then let Me. Peter Obi come and refute the statement."

"Obi called me around 11:30 pm in the night on that fateful Thursday and requested for my immediate presence at the governor's lodge Amawbia, but I told him I'm in Abuja for two days security submit organized by the then-national security adviser, so he said I should send my second in command that there is an operation we must carry out that night, he was smart not to mention it on the phone but I insisted he brief me to enable me to know the kind of men to select, so he had to cut the phone and called back with another line (not his mainline) and he told me we need to terminate selected Biafran agitators before they kill his administration in Anambra, I quickly suggested to him, why killing them why not arrest them and prosecute them through the court but Obi said no that he is convinced that Sir Emeka Offor and Engr. Arthur Eze is secretly sponsoring them and will go and take them on bail and still use them against his administration therefore they should be killed"
He continued by saying that if Obi doubts this let him make himself available so he says it again and again in his presence.

-CSP James Nwafor