Boko Haram Leader says the President of Nigeria is 'Mohammed Yusuf' (video)

Boko Haram Leader shekau has claimed that the President of Nigeria is Mohammed Yusuf.

In a video shared online by APF TV, the Leader of Boko Haram challenged Buhari and Idris, president of chad to come and attack him, adding that he is not afraid of them.

According him, They will not stop killing until they are all Dead.

He went ahead to call the president of Nigeria Mohammed Yusuf instead of Mohammadu Buhari.

He said: We will continue to kill the People of Baga as our Lord instructed us , forever, we will never desist until we die, Our Ideology is either victory or Death.

"Mohammadu Yusuf, the President of Nigeria, you will see.

He added that Mohammadu yusuf went to seek for the help of Chadian soldiers, adding that No one will help him.