Dem use Beauty Queen do you? - Nigerians blasts Fani Kayode for saying that Miss Agbani is beautiful (photos)

Fani Kayode has come under fire for saying that Miss Agbani Darego is beautiful.

It came as a shock to Nigerians when it was discovered today that the former Nigeria beauty queen, Agbani Darego, the first indigenous Nigerian and African to win miss world, was rated as the world most ugliest miss world by Google; a well known search engine.

Agbani Darego won the most beautiful girl in Nigeria MBGN in 2001. And in November of that year, 2001, she later went to represent Nigeria in the whole universe. She was the first Nigerian to ever gets the semi-final of the competition and she later won the competition. She was then crown miss world, the first African to achieve such feat.

In Reaction, Fani Kayode wrote: "The assertion that Miss Agbani Darego is the "ugliest Miss World ever" is false. It is also deeply insulting to Nigeria, Africa and to all people of color and it is utterly racist. "

"Agbani remains one of the most beautiful women in the world up until today and I am proud of the fact that she is a Nigerian. "

"Whether it is Miss World, Miss United Nations or Miss Universe, Africa has always produced winners and the most beautiful women in the world. "

"No-one can take that away from us."


Abdullahi Musty Mohammed

You just got addicted to young ladies! Well I didn't say you're chaser!

Yes we have beautiful women in Nigeria.

Vivian Chikodi

Face the issue he raised which is about our very own beautiful Agbani and leave his private life out of it. Only recently most of you could hail and refer to him as "in-law" did you just wake up to the fact that your sister was his 4th? Abeg make ona shift make person pass.

John Nweze

You are not eyeing this one, Chief?

Whoever is saying such things about Agbani needs to visit the optician.

Anyanwu Sunday

Hope you have not started looking for another wife. Beautiful remains business of the eyes of the beholder.

Alex Okoroji

Dem use beauty queen do you? Whenever you start coming to the defence of a beauty queen, the game don dey set for you

Chioma Okeke

You don't start with her. I know that you don't just wake up and start with Agbani's beauty. We just dey watch let's see where this praises is going to land. I blame girls with chicken brains

Oma Nneoma

I am just hearing it from you now????????

Meanwhile she is happily married. Look for another thing to write about

Muhydeen Bolaji Darmie

Your penchant for anything under skirt ehn is second to none. Agbani here we go soon!