I cannot wash my Husband's pant except he is sick - Ani Amatosero

Nigerian Actress Ani Amatosero has said that she cannot wash her Husband's pant or allow her husband wash her pant.

she said this after BBNaija Neo was seen washing Vee’s pant on national TV.

Ani Amatosero noted that a man washing his woman’s pant is not a sign or way of showing love to her. Noting that there are many other ways love can be shown to her, Ani Amatosero said she would never allow a man wash her pants except she is critically ill which she doesn’t pray for.

She wrote: “Should we talk about this pant washing issue? As a typical Itsekiri woman, I Ani Amatosero will never allow any man, be it husband or boyfriend wash my pant. The only way that can happen, which it will never get to that point, is if I am ill”, she began.

“I don’t believe washing of pant is a sign of love. There are other ways you can show me love. Not by washing my pant. it’s a very big NO for ME. Mind you, it’s a choice. You are you. I am me. Any insult here will result to me slapping your face from my phone”, she wrote.

A follower then asked her if she would wash her man’s undies, and Ani replied in negation as it applies to her, noting that she can only do it if he is critically ill too. “No! Only if he is ill too. My opinion”, she replied.